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Power Flow Yoga in English


meditative, but intensive class

Power Vinyasa Yoga or Power Flow Yoga is a term for practising yoga poses that link together breath and each yoga posture, while building strength and flexibility.
The Power Flow Yoga practice uses the body's own weight in a flowing sequence. The movements are linked to the breath of either inhaling or exhaling, sometimes holding poses longer and other times moving faster.
Power Flow Yoga provides the strength that you expect from weight-training at a gym, the heart-health benefits that you expect from cardio exercise and the full mobility and calm, focused mind that yoga delivers.
It is an intelligent practice, both physically and mentally as it encourages you to create a deep inner practice of self-awareness.
Through the
90-minute-class you are encouraged and challenged to explore the possibilities within your physical body.
You do not have to be flexible. You do not need yoga experience. You simply need to show up and
be ready to work hard.
The class is taught in English and is based on Baptiste Power Vinyasa techniques.

Group classes are held on Saturdays from 11:00 am - 12:30 pm.
You must sign up in advance. You can phone us
(+36 1 704 7512), send us a text message (+36 20 4888 026) or register for classes online. (Click to 'Power Flow Yoga in English' on the list of 'Edzés időpontok', pick your class time and sign up by pressing the 'Jelentkezés' button beside the class.)

If you have any queries, please get in touch with Éva: drolma728@gmail.com

Instructor: Éva

1,900 HUF  per class
Unlimited class passes are not valid for this class.
With 5 and 10 class passes there is an additional 900 HUF fee.

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